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  • » Check your tyre pressure before making a long trip.
  • » Never deflate a hot tyre.
  • » Checking tyre air pressure, and regular tyre maintenance such as rotation, alignment and inspections can help you to save money.
  • » Getting it right is important, Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can wear down faster than expected, have reduced grip and can consume more fuel.
  • » Improves Steering
  • » Improves Handling
  • » Reduces Tyre Oxidation
  • » Eliminates Interior Wheel Corrosion
  • » Improves Braking
  • » Reduces Running Temperature
  • » Decreases false alarm from tyre pressure monitoring systems
  • » The position of the tyre on your vehicle can affect how it wears down, regular rotation helps to ensure that tyres wear evenly, extending the life of your tyres and improving performance.
  • » To minimize wear and tear and to maximize driver and passenger comfort.
  • » To reduce wear on your tyres, help increase their life and performance, and improve fuel economy.
  • » To improve handling and driving safety by reducing steering and stability problems.
  • » Years of dirt build-up and exposure to sunlight can give car paint a dull look that can usually be brightened and improved with polish.
  • » Car polish often removes scratches or scrapes as well.
  • » Car polish is a good way to hide minor flaws and scratches on your car.
  • » Car polish enhances the look of your car
  • » Car Polish removes water spots
  • » Tyre balancing compensates for the weight differences to make sure that the tyre weight is balanced.
  • » When a tyre is replaced it is advised to do wheel balancing
  • » When a balance weight is moved or removed it is important to get it checked.
  • » When you purchase new tyres it is advised to do wheel balancing
  • » It gives the brand new look to your car.
  • » All the scratches are eliminated by polishing.
  • » The durability of the car will be enhanced.
  • » Car becomes more attractive.
  • » The resale value of the car goes up.
  • » Clean and sanitized interiors, free of dirt, mud and fungi, make sure that you breathe fresh and healthy air.
  • » Removes germs
  • » Reduces allergies
  • » Steam is a powerful degreaser
  • » Steam disinfects
  • » Steam sanitizes, without the need for chemicals
  • » Uses much less water
  • » No residual soap left behind

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